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ANTWON – “Blasian”

Bay Area rapper Antwon has had an incredibly productive decade. Since 2011, the artist has released 10 albums and a handful of EPs. Each release is riddled with sonic exploration, and Antwon’s insightful lyrics about the human condition. Full of infectious beats and compelling rhymes, the rapper’s newest album, Blasian, is proof that the examined life of the artist will always yield fruit.

Antwon began his musical career as a member of Philadelphia hardcore band Leather. Since the release of his first mixtape, Fantasy Beds, in 2011, he’s received a wave of critical success. He was included in Complex’s list of “15 Unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW” in 2013, and again on their 2014 list of “25 New Rappers to Watch out for” in that year.

And what’s not to love about this latest record? It’s a self-produced collection of bedroom style beats, perfect for a sunset cruise or a rainy day inside. From the triangle-heavy rhythm of “Puppy Chow” to the hard kick/snare beat on “Doohickey,” Antwon showcases his ability to compile all sorts of influences into a cohesive, singular sound. Often compared to Biggie Smalls, Antwon’s flow sounds both nostalgic and fresh simultaneously. As the rapper talks about issues of identity, heritage, and current events,
you’ll find yourself hypnotized by the beats and captivated by the lyrics. Antwon put his heart and soul in these songs – you can hear it thru the headphones.

These thirteen songs are perfect if you’re looking for something that will take you back to the early 90s without sacrificing a fresh, modern sound. As you get deeper into the lyrics, you’ll hear an artist who is trying to make sense of the cascading and overlapping identities of the modern world. Antwon has once again delivered a near immaculate collection of songs on Blasian.

Antwon continues to make himself known among the very best..”


Clocking in just over thirty-one minutes, every one of these tracks packs a punch.