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The Upsides are a 4-piece rock act based in New York City, consisting of brothers Matt and Dan Fullam with longtime friends Matt DaSilva and Hart Mechlin. The guitars from Matt Fullam and Mechlin blend the Strokes with early ‘70s Heartbreakers tones, while the younger Fullam (drums) and DaSilva (bass) incorporate uptempo, danceable grooves that are reminiscent of the early aughts rock revival in their home city. Fullam’s vocals are a focal point in both the live and studio settings, as he effortlessly flips from a croon to a falsetto whether the band behind him is in a downtempo groove à la The Rolling Stones’ ‘Angie’ or electrifying the audience with overdriven, Queens of the Stone Age-esque tenacity.

The band’s debut EP, Patterns, showcases slick riffs, clever lyrics, and a diverse yet succinct palette of the group’s influences. The title track shows how the band can tastefully shift from Nick Valensi-esque guitar licks to meet Nile Rogers on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories while still maintaining an identifiable sound. Fullam displays strong command of his vocals, but stays reserved and lets the melodies speak for themselves on sleek singles Gold Rush and Holy Water. Recorded at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY, the blend of vintage instruments with engineer Jake Lummus’s modern mixing prowess results in a sound that is instantly big and accessible, yet unique and timeless.

An energetic and engaging live act, The Upsides debuted new material at New York’s famed Mercury Lounge in September 2021 as well as an October 2021 show around the corner at Arlene’s Grocery. Debut single ‘Gold Rush’ will be supported by a release show on Friday, February 4th at The Bowery Electric.

While there is clearly an indie rock edge to this music, there is also something that brings to mind left of the dial radio of the 90s.

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With a lighthearted feel and a pleasant up-tempo groove, the band is hitting all the right notes…”


“…hearkens to a Strokes-era rock and roll sound.

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