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Wise Blood Delivers Southern Groove Metal in Their Own Unique Way

Hailing from Johnson City, TN, hard rock outfit Wise Blood delivers southern groove metal in their own unique, intense way. Founded by Vocalist Mike Shipley and Guitarist Tom Lawson, with members Jay Strouth on drums, Buck Bamman on guitar and Travis Bare on bass joining the band in December 2017, Wise Blood puts a fresh spin on hard hitting music they love and grew up with. Wise Blood pays homage to 80s metal acts such as Megadeth and Metallica, displaying vocal prowess similar to a Mustaine or Hetfield in their prime, will pushing their sound forward with a modern bent.  Instrumentally, the band is riff-oriented, invoking 70s hard rock acts such as Black Sabbath, with elements of more contemporary doom acts in the vein of Sleep.

Their debut album, We Are One We Are Legion (due out early 2022), features riff-heavy jams with catchy choruses. Shipley delivers a Hetfield-like rasp, where the rhythm section throws down proto-stoner rock instrumentals invoking Black Sabbath in their heyday. The record is diverse, consisting of groove-inspired tracks such as “Green River” and “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” and thrash-bangers “We Are Legion” and “Swingin’ The Axe”.

“When you listen to We Are One We Are Legion you will be propelled on a rollercoaster ride, and just when you think you can take a breath you get hit right between the ears with what can only be described as sensory overload (in a good way).”

Having been scheduled to play alongside Saliva and Green Jelly at a few festivals that were cancelled due to the pandemic, Wise Blood hopes to hit 2021 hard – playing various festivals in support of their new record, and preaching the gospel of hard rock to as many followers as they can.