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March 31, 2021

Lyncs Reminds Us Not To Worry So Much With Upcoming Single “Prom Queen”

American singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jacqueline Hynes, aka Lyncs, brings her own blend of daydream choruses, indie-rock vocals, and star-like textures to the forefront. Her powerful, yet wholesome, songwriting showcases her strengths in taking a single moment and blowing it up to a heart-string anthem. Since 2018 she’s been telling her story to try and find what connects us all, most recently with her latest releases “i shouldn’t say it.” and “One More Moment”. Lyncs is currently preparing the release of her upcoming single “Prom Queen”, available for streaming on April 23rd.

LISTEN TO “Prom Queen”

“Prom Queen” is a coming-of-age track with a perspective of moving forward. Moving forward in the realization of what may matter during high school won’t matter as time moves on. With prom comes the pressure of attending and having it be perfect, but it’s also good to know that regardless of how well the experience of it is, it won’t have implications as you go through life after it. It’s harder for some to realize that in the moment versus afterwords. The mood of the track is set with an electric piano, finger snaps, and a vocal melody that weaves seamlessly through it. The chorus introduces heightened dynamics including a full drum beat and additional sound samples while allowing the vocals to carry the track. “Prom Queen” will remind the listener what it was like to be 17 and 18 and going through such a specific moment in time that everyone can reflect on for better or for worse.

“I wrote Prom Queen as an ode to last year’s cancellation of Prom Season and how this year is still looking like it could still be the same outcome. The song starts with reflecting on yourself and how “the grass seems greener” on the other side but you don’t have to change yourself to be there. High school is already hard enough trying to fit in, let alone competing for most prized at a dance that’s already awkward enough. “Prom Queen” is an anthem for those who don’t want to worry about the prom season or even those who worry too much (like I did).” – Lyncs on “Prom Queen”

Born Jacqueline Hynes, the Lancaster, PA native made her public debut releasing, “The Safety EP”, which hit music blogs and playlists across digital platforms. After touring locally and opening for artists such as Young The Giant, New Vices, and August & Alden, Lyncs released international hit, “Waiting For You”, which has been featured across countless playlists and publications such as Spotify’s New Music Friday and Vents Magazine. She made the move to NYC and has since performed at historic venues such as Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Bitter End, and collaborated with GOLDHOUSE on a remix of her smash “Evergreen”, featured on Spotify Editorial Playlists as well as Billboard. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lyncs has started working with Keith Varon (The Aces, Nightly) on releases for the 2021 year.

“With musical influences like Lorde, Hayley Williams/Paramore, John Mayer, Chelsea Cutler, and others it’s impossible not to feel Lyncs carving out her own place in today’s pop ensemble. Lyncs does want to leave listeners with one final thought, however.”

American Songwriter

“The dreamy, emotive indie pop sound is paired with Lyncs’ stirring vocals, at once wistful and half-fleeting, singing sweetly of the ever so elusive “it,” a feeling too fragile, perhaps, to pin down exactly.”

Atwood Magazine