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Boston’s The Thistle Brothers Remind Us Of Love And Home With Latest Single “Afford”

by Tanner Wertz

As we all know, music has the unique ability to bring out many things in people. Whether an emotion, memory, or being transported to another time, music can do that when all else fails. Music ties into human nature with forming stronger bonds or rallying people around a cause for its awareness. Surrounding yourself with music can also make you feel at home, which is important to Boston-based duo The Thistle Brothers.

Image courtesy of Jacob Pappas

Hailing from Boston, the brotherly duo of Cameron and Devin Thistle have a sound rooted in Folk, R&B, and Classic Rock with a love for acts like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder. While writing music for people to enjoy, The Thistle Brothers utilize each single they release to be connected to a charity. The money made from the singles (through streams, purchases and donations) is sent to the charities. This continues with the latest piece of their musical philanthropy journey, “Afford”.

Released on January 8th, “Afford” starts off as a ballady-duet between guitar and vocals before rising in dynamics with a full-band performance. The brothers value love in all forms and really wanted to capture that mentality with “Afford” from the initial writing process, recording, mixing, and release. Each instrument was performed and recorded by Cameron and Devin in addition to their friend, Ron Cha, on piano, bringing his own interpretation into the mix. 

“Afford” is paired with Pine Street Inn, a Boston-based organization aiming to end homelessness. The money made from streams and downloads of “Afford” is sent to Pine Street Inn, helping to move homeless individuals from the streets and shelter to a home. Surrounding yourself with music can also make you feel at home, yet it’s hard to feel like that when you don’t have anywhere to call home. Out of the goodness of their hearts and talents, the Thistle Brothers offer their latest single “Afford” to help end homelessness and to remind us all that we’re loved.

For more information on The Thistle Brothers, please visit https://thethistlebros.com

For more information on Pine Street Inn and how you can help end homelessness, please visit https://www.pinestreetinn.org/

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