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Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Early Bird moved to the east side of Buffalo, NY at the age of two. He started his music career in 2016 doing lead vocals for a metal band called “Mansutra”. Shifting genres into rap as a solo artist, Early Bird got his name from his best friend who would endearingly greet him with “Mornin’ Early Bird” when waking up in the afternoon after a wild night out. Coincidentally, his music speaks on this among other things such as relationships, his goals and aspirations, and prevalent global issues.  

Taking influence from various genres including hip hop, rap, R&B, and metal, Early Bird eventually released his first single “Racks” in September of 2019. When he’s not working on his master’s degree, or locked in the studio, you can find Early Bird on a flight somewhere new for his next music video shoot or hanging out with his friends at the best local Buffalo spots. Early Bird has a large, tight knit, local following and loves including both fans and friends in his videos. He recently released his EP “I Am” on August 20, which represents the creative progress he continues to make.

Early Bird has opened for notable national artists like Aaron Carter, Riff Raff, and Wifisfuneral. Early Bird’s upcoming releases are “Drip” which comes out on July 9th and “A Lot” which comes out on July 22, with the video coming out on July 29. His upcoming shows are July 31st at venu with Concert Crave and August 3rd in Brooklyn, NY opening for Madchild. He is looking to release an EP this fall.

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Kansas City electro future rock quartet, Various Blonde is modern rock’s missing link . The genre bending Blonde has taken on many forms since their 2009 conception. The current lineup of Josh Allen ( Guitar/ Lead Vocals/Synth), Mark Lomas (Drums, Keys), Jason Nash (Bass) and Bryson Thomas (Guitar, Vocals), offer up a mysterious, bass driven, melodic, groovy feel on new single “Too Many Secrets”.  Various Blonde has brought their mesmerizing live show to stages with Spoon, Grizzly Bear, Deerhoof, of Montreal, Broncho, Night Moves, Moving Units, Nordista Freeze, Blvck Hippie, Dead Rider, El Ten Eleven, WHY?, De lux, Russian Circles, Free Moral Agents, Zechs Marquise, Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Thursday, Fang Island, Murder By Death, Matt Pryor, Electric Sixx, Crystal Antlers, Nick Waterhouse, and many more.

Drawing from influences such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Radiohead, ‘Too Many Secrets’ is a danceable bop highlighting driving fuzzy bass, stabbing guitar riffs, and absolutely dripping with ‘80s synths. According to the band, ‘Too Many Secrets’ is “a melodic meditation about love and loss”.

Psychedelic Baby Mag
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Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment: Determined to Feel Good

There’s a sense of healing in loud, distorted music. Like jumping into a freezing lake, many of us leave a rock show feeling the best kind of overwhelmed. And that’s exactly the type of cure that Detroit band Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment hope to offer to the world. 

For Elspeth Tremblay, the road to being the songwriter of a rock-and-roll band has been both long and winding. After moving to the US from Australia 17 years ago, Tremblay spent time in a number of cities learning to be an artist. She’s a chef, portrait artist, and songwriter – and all those talents blend into her work with her newest band, The Treatment. Now settled in Detroit, she’s joined forces with Ray Slagle (bass), Joe Condon (drums), and Ryan Dougherty (guitar) to form an unorthodox rock and roll ensemble. 

The four musicians agreed from early on that they wanted to focus on the immersive experience of the live show. After six months of dedicated rehearsals, the band finally began playing shows. And its this energy that they hope to capture as they continue to focus on creating iconoclastic rock music. Combining influences like Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, and Tremblay’s homeland heroes AC/DC may sound like a clash of styles and genres, but its second nature to Tremblay. When first writing songs and releasing solo records, she had the idea to write rock songs performed on bluegrass instruments. To this day, she still plays a 1930s Gibson archtop; it’s goldfoil pickup helping her to craft songs about current events or internal words. 

The Treatment are taking a unique approach to releasing music as well. Rather than writing and arranging to enter the studio, the band is pouring all of their energy into live material. Because they formed during the height of the pandemic, the band was trapped in rehearsal spaces for its inception. Tremblay says, “After two years of missing live performance, we are determined to feel good. We want to play the music that is a balm to our soul.” The band intends to release polished live footage of their new material in the near future. 

Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment are reminding us that the best thing about music is being in the room while its happening. As a queer artist and performer, Tremblay hopes to inspire her community to throw ourselves headfirst into the art of creation. After all, we don’t have time to mess around. 

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Hailing from just north of Pittsburgh, PA, The Redlines have taken personal influences and past experience to create their own distinct blend of classic rock & roll with hints of 60’s soul, 70’s punk, and 80’s heartland rock mixed with a touch of power-pop and garage rock. Led by singer and guitarist, Brian Seese, the band has continued to write, record, and perform throughout the region for nearly a decade.

The band is rounded out by second guitarist and occasional vocalist, Jason Lizzi, whose blistering solos and melodic leads often occupy the spotlight while the formidable rhythm section of Tony Vinski (bass) and Sandro Campagna (drums) create a rich and full foundation for each song.

This signature sound is on display on Kick Out Today, the first part of an eventual two-EP album in which the band decided to let loose and inject their sense of fun into the music and lyrics all while using the various permutations of garage rock as the canvas. A key component was teaming up with famed producer and engineer Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Pennywise, Frenzel Rhomb, Great White) who helped shape and polish that vision. Mastered by the legendary Gene “The Machine” Grimaldi, these four songs reflect a new wave for The Redlines as they continue to try to avoid predictability while maintaining a recognizable sound.

This also marks the first collaboration with Pittsburgh-based Phychodaisy Records to produce and distribute the CD version of Kick Out Today while longtime label Swade Records will continue to manage digital distribution for the band. With this latest EP The Redlines have two full-length albums available alongside 2 EPs in addition to seven singles.

Songs from these albums have garnered airplay on Pittsburgh’s WXDX (105.9 The X), Butler’s WLER (97.7), Beaver Falls’ WBVP (99.3), Youngstown, Ohio’s WNCD (93.3 The Wolf), Sirius XM’s Little Stevens Underground Garage channel, and are in the regular rotation on multiple Internet-based radio stations. The band has also performed live on WDVE (102.5) as part of the DVE Coffeehouse.

On the stage The Redlines break out all the stops to put on an entertaining performance. Not content to simply play songs directly from their albums, varied as they are, the band mixes up originals and covers by enlisting the help of other musicians on the bill whenever the opportunity presents itself. Percussionists, violinists, singers and banjo and keyboard players have all joined to ensure that no show is the same. The band has entertained crowds at Mr. Smalls Theater, Jergels, Club Cafe, Howler’s Coyote Cafe, the 31st St. Pub,Smiling Moose, Lyndora Hotel, and Wooley Bullys, as well as venturing out to Ohio to play Cedars (Youngstown), Hidden Gem Music Club (Dayton), and The Buzzbin (Canton). The summer festival season has seen the band invited to R.A.N.T, Millvale Music Festival, The Pittsburgh Marathon, and The Deutschtown Music Festival, and for the last four years, The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival.

“Overall, The Redlines produced an epic track.”

American Songwriter

“…the band manages to condense the almost hundred-year history of rock music into three minutes and twelve seconds.”

Glide Magazine

“…a booming rocker.”

Ghettoblaster Magazine

“…a more bad-ass time, with cooler cars, clothes, and hair.”

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Los Angeles based band by way of New York City, Friends at the Falls is composed of lifelong friends Jake Stam & Matt Montgomery. FATF creates a blend of Alternative Rock and Indie Pop music with shimmery 80’s style synths and an undeniably nostalgic sound. The group draws inspiration from artists such as The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Walk The Moon, and The 1975. 

The band’s newest single, “Sunkissed Dreamland” is an over-exposed, 80’s “seventh heaven” consisting of lush synths accompanied by a tight beat. Beyond those walls of defense, the lyrics promote an oppositional view of fear of commitment, lack of conviction, and a desire to be better. The song frequents the lyric, “it’s all there in front of me” in an effort to display its sense of caution. 

The group’s last release “Be The Change EP” propelled them to over 5 million+ global streams on Spotify and amassed placements on several editorial playlists, including “Soda” on Spotify and “Control Alt Repeat” / “Introducing: Alternative ”/ “Fresh Alternative” on Amazon Music. 

“..the duo delivers 80s synth sounds intermingled in their indie pop that’s reminiscent of The 1975.”

Music Mecca

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Heart Shaped Lakes is a rock band from Belchertown, Massachusetts, previously known as GoldFlame. With Jackson Donovan on vocals and guitar, Tom Fisher on guitar, Dylan “Dino” Segatore on bass, and Jon Christina on drums, the band prepares to release their first official release. The release in question is a double EP by the name of Good Grief: A Violent Dream & The Scenic Route. The record has been described as an emotional outburst in two acts, one focused on a darker sound, and the other bringing out more catchy pop punk hooks. After this release, the band plans on finally unveiling their long awaited debut full length under the Heart Shaped Lakes name in the fall of 2022, which will be engineered by Zack Fiske (Never Coming Home, Twin Brook), and mixed by Koby Nelson (Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, Tonight Alive).

It’s clear that the rock scene is as resurgent as ever, and there’s a band based out of Belchertown, Massachusetts who are flying the flag to say the least. Heart Shaped Lakes have quickly arrived on the scene and don’t intend to go anywhere, with their storming debut in 2021 already gaining a lot of attention, they quickly followed that up with a debut self titled EP to high acclaim.


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Over ten years ago, Juice Falls was created on the sleepy southside of Indianapolis, Indiana and has been too loud for its neighbors ever since. Juice Falls is an exciting mix of grunge and emo rock, with heavy amounts of spacy effects, soft 80s inspired moments, and features honest lyrics that anyone can relate too. Co-lead singers and guitar players, Jay Brodzeller and Bern Eagan create an exciting back and forth with singing and playing, while John Parkinson pounds the drums and Brady Arnold slays the bass to create the groove and feel of the band.

Juice Fall’s “Lake Side Drive” is a big leap into a more complex sound with intriguing lyrics, haunting effects and a thrilling video that still feels right at home with their collection of work.  Produced by Cameron Breen and mastered by Andy VanDette, “Lake Side Drive” stands apart from Juice Fall’s previous releases with a more full and complete sound that allowed the band to take more risks and explore new sounds. Juice Falls breaks out smooth synth and keyboard layers that could be out of an 80s time capsule, while still having loud grungy rock out sections that gives the song an exciting pace and groove throughout leaving the listener wanting more.
Throughout their ten year career Juice Falls has gone on multiple small tours, released several singles and two EPs – one of which via GrimTale Records – and has shared the stage with notable acts such as Four Year Strong, Heart Attack Man, Superheaven, and many others. In 2022 Juice Falls plans to continue playing shows, releasing songs, and self directing and writing more new music videos. The band is also planning another small tour toward the end of 2022, as well as dropping new merchandise designed by Cray Michael Art – some of which can be found in-store at SLCT in Bloomington, IN.

Juice Falls were formed in Indianapolis over ten years ago, and are a close knit group who exhibit that nostalgic grungy emo-rock sound that a part of all have a soft spot for.

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Ellisa Sun cuts out her heart and leaves it on the stage, which is why she never wears white. 

Ellisa recently completed her nationwide Dreamboat tour, during which she lived and traveled with her partner in a 30-foot Winnebago, playing 170 shows in 365 days. After the tour, Ellisa relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired primarily by R&B, soul, jazz, and bossa nova, her music is a unique blend of genres that creates an honest, textured sound with raw, heartfelt storytelling. 

Ellisa’s music can be heard on the Sony Pictures Television show L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, and the BCDF Pictures film Can You Keep a Secret?, starring Alexandra Daddario, and the Hulu show Dollface starring Kat Dennings and Brenda Song. Her song “Evening” was recently featured in the show Kung Fu on the CW. 

In December 2021 Ellisa released a song entitled “I’m From Here”, which tells the story of her experiences living in Tennessee as an Asian-American during the COVID-19 pandemic, when anti-Asian hate crimes and rhetoric are at their highest. Ellisa recently recorded in the studio with her band and will be releasing a new EP with 5 new songs in 2022.

This is something I’m always still learning, but being really vulnerable and raw about your honest story is something that can be really scary but is also so important and can really help not just artists but everybody heal and process.

-Ellisa Sun, Unpublished Zine
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Trey Pearson, the founder, and owner of his former band, Everyday Sunday, came out of the closet to make worldwide news. His announcement started a national conversation with a television appearance on The View. Trey has been covered by The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, CNN, NBC, Entertainment Weekly, The Independent, Out Magazine and more, as he became the #1 trending topic worldwide on Facebook.

With his band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson has sold hundreds of thousands of records, and amassed millions of streams. He has scored 5 #1 U.S. singles and 20 Top 10 hits. His song “Wake Up! Wake Up!” earned most-played Christian rock song of the year, and “Best Night of Our Lives,” broke onto the coveted Billboard 200 chart. Pearson has toured arenas, festivals and more in all 50 states and 20 countries.

Trey is GLAAD Award nominated, playing alongside the likes of the Indigo Girls, Kesha, and Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and has been performing at Pride Festivals all around the world. With his solo music, Trey has been featured in Billboard Magazine, and has had Music Video premieres with Billboard and Teen Vogue. Trey is performing his new songs for a PBS ‘Pride’ television special with the American Pops Orchestra, called “True Colors”, this June, and his new album, “Somebody You Knew” releases on July 1st.

New York Times

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Branjae is the personification of Classic Soul, Funk, and R&B. She is an artist, activist, dancer, singer, and actress who empowers women and inspires hope for us all. She asks “why not” through her music, challenging listeners to embrace their natural selves. Branjae is a fearless, headstrong, and energetic woman who happens to be Black. Her lyrical depth, energetic theatrical performances, and out of the box genre fluidity are as unique as the personas she embodies. Branjae’s music remains in touch with the human experience in a creative way. Her style of storytelling keeps it real while constantly evolving based on her truths.

The training wheels came off for Branjae when she learned to master manipulate her vocal arrangements while singing with a cover band in front of live audiences. And in 2019, her presence catapulted with her project, Street Light, which premiered in Billboard Magazine. The project also captured the attention of AfroPunk, which debuted the single as well as an Op-Ed written by Branjae. Street Light was exclusively premiered at Tulsa’s own Circle Cinema, and was sponsored by Tulsa nonprofits such as DVIS, Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture, and Circle Cinema. Branjae exudes charm as she creates content meant to move the needle toward change. As a result, Street Light earned her the Best Female Artist Award at the Black Wall Street Music Awards as well as five nominations at the Tulsa Music Awards, one nomination at the Independent Music Awards, and her video was officially selected to screen at the 2020 Dead Center Film Festival and the 2020 Lift Off Global Network Film Festival in Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, and Los Angeles. In addition to her breakout success with Streetlight in 2019, Branjae was also featured in the 2x Emmy Award Winning Series, Play it Loud, by Outsiders Productions, This Land is Your Land: A Celebration of 80 Years by the Woody Guthrie Center, and Duet Jazz Club Presents: Branjae’s NYE Extravaganza.

Born in the city of Motown and rooted in the city of The GAP Band, Branjae has established herself as a full-bodied entertainer. Her voice has been likened to the rasp of Lauryn Hill, the alto register of India Arie, and the soul of Nina Simone. Alternatively, her stage presence is heavily influenced by the leg work of Tina Turner, confidence of Michael Jackson, the commanding presence of Freddie Mercury, and the vigor of Beyonce. Having shared the stage with Jeff Tweedy, Joan Osbourne, Gangstagrass, Thundercat, Fishbone, Ohio Players, RC and the Grits (Erykah Badu’s current band), Andy Frasco, and the late Wayman Tisdale, her live shows pay homage to the art form of theatrics, music, and writing as Branjae utilizes every square inch of the stage. She captivates her audience by drawing them in with her singing and mesmerizing them with her performance.

Branjae’s infectious energy transferred onto the big screen in 2020 when she made her film debut in Finding Carlos as the Sugar Plum, a holiday hip hop film inspired by The Nutcracker. In 2020 she was also featured on Gangstagrass’ latest album “No Time for Enemies,” on the single Your Land, which reached #1 on the Billboard BlueGrass Charts and premiered in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Despite a global pandemic, Branjae continued using her voice and growing in her artistry by participating as a virtual panel moderator for the Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s connection series, engaging at the 2020 Oklahoma Film and Music Conference as a virtual panel speaker, as well as at the 2020 Dead Center Film Festival, the 2020 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, and the 2020 Folk the Vote by the Woody Guthrie Center. Branjae continued defying the odds with appearances and productions that include TheDirector’s Cuts: OKC Pride Fest (only on YouTube), On a Porch Somewhere (private concert series hosted in the Tulsa area), Audience of One by Duet Jazz Club, and Tulsa Community College’s TEDx Virtual Event.

Branjae is a modern day Harriet through her creativity, unapologetic authenticity, and passion for humankind. To Branjae, there is power and magic in owning your words, and that is something she takes very seriously when she’s performing live. She is well aware that she’s manipulating energies; holding the power to evoke joy, excitement, or even pain. Her live performances are full of mood. From the theatrics of her wardrobe, to her often acrobatic choreography, combined with the power of her voice, a Branjae show promises to be sensually fulfilling and organic. In the town, Branjae’s energy on stage, and in person, is unmatched.

All roads lead to Branjae, and in 2021 her multimedia project Free Facts released on January 22, 2022. Through a successful kickstarter campaign funded within two weeks of being launched, the project’s short film was completed within three days of filming on location in Tulsa, OK at Living Arts and FireThief Productions; featuring artwork and photography by Josh New. Branjae’s title track was also awarded the Jimmy LaFave Songwriters Contest and the red carpet screening of Free Facts film premiered in Tulsa, OK at the Woody Guthrie Center in October 2021; the film has gone on to screen in Tokyo, London, Manchester, Berlin, Australia and Austin, TX.

“…a visual step forward…”

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Fubar’s newest record “State Of Mind” delivers an eclectic mix of reggae-rock, punk rock, and ska culminating in a style all their own. After permanently incorporating their own horn section in 2019, the band has grown exponentially in sound and performance.

Since forming in a garage in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA in 2011, Fubar has released 2 studio albums and several EPs. They’ve taken their music all around the local and regional areas creating a name for themselves in the reggae rock and diy punk communities. Through the years they had the opportunity to play the final Pittsburgh stop of the Vans Warped Tour in addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Authority Zero, HR (of the Bad Brains), The Toasters, Ballyhoo!, Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies, The Movement, and many more.

“Dave and I both played and listened to a lot of punk rock in high school but back when we started Fubar we found a mutual love for Sublime” says vocalist/guitarist Jake Hursh.

“Some of us cut our teeth in pop punk scenes in the early 2010’s and some of us are into hip hop, so there’s a huge array of influences and backgrounds between members. It always makes the writing process exciting” adds Alto Sax player Sam Wtorkowski.

“FUBAR are standing out as a band who are changing the rules entirely, and knowing when and where to break them.

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Simha creates worldly and modern Soul/Jazz. Experiencing the intersection of different cultures in the SF Bay Area, Simha grew up with an ear for both western and eastern musical influences. Sonic waves from North Indian Classical music to Jazz, he introduces a new element of discovery for his listeners. Expressing his heart and energy with lush soul harmonies and ethereal textures, Simha hopes to help claim space for Queer Bipoc artists in the jazz-leaning side of the industry.

Simha’s upcoming EP, After So Long // बरसों बाद, is an aural experience that tells a story of becoming reacquainted with oneself. Weaving through topics of anxiety, intergenerational trauma, and self acceptance, Simha color’s the EP with his signature background vocal layering, ethereal production qualities, and neo-genre fusion. Carrying thematic motifs that can be heard melodically, lyrically, and harmonically, Simha repurposes and recycles many elements of the project. Nearing the end of the EP, Simha approaches the last track to hint at what might come after the project.

As Simha moves forward with the growth of his music career, he hopes to draw inspiration from a rapidly changing world. With a new EP in the books, He hopes to break certain habits that became the norm in his creative process. Introducing new variables and approaches, Simha hopes to shake things up while still holding true to his signature sound.

He seamlessly weaves elements of the Indian classical music of his heritage with jazz and soul sounds, the result being a lush, ethereal vehicle through which he expresses his emotions.


Overall, through its poetry and music, the film serves as a defiant meditation on cross border solidarity amongst queer South-Asian artists from India, the United States and Canada.


With the depth of intention in their voices, the build of the composition, and the environment shifts, Simha and his parents deliver something raw and unnerving, yet beautiful.

Dusty Organ

On top of fusing multiple genres and influences to create a beautiful soundscape, Simha is looking to make a difference through music.”

Music Mecca

Creating out of this world music with hints of R&B hybrid pop throughout, Simha is best described as a force to be reckoned with.