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A boutique music publicity service for indie/DIY artists

Whether you’re a brand-new artist/band or a more established one trying to break into a bigger market, getting seen and heard online by the right audience is essential — but also harder than ever.

The music industry has changed drastically in the last few years, and no doubt it’ll continue to shift in the 2020s. But one thing that won’t be changing is the need for a solid online reputation for your music.

Little Star PR helps independent, do-it-yourself bands jump-start their career by providing affordable music PR with placements and writeups that increase your visibility and credibility.

We’re rooting for the little guys. We believe in your music as much as you do, and our team works with full conviction to help you network with the music industry on your own terms.

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The best way to build your band's reputation online without exhausting your indie budget.

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