Artist Resume


13 Necklace is an indie rock band based in New York City. Primary songwriter Danny Evans combines the layered guitars of ’90s college rock and shoegaze with gentle, considered songwriting and experimental electronic elements. While the project started as a pure solo outlet in 2019, it has evolved into a fully fledged band, with the reintroduction of concerts post-COVID serving as a new beginning for the project’s live incarnation.

13 Necklace’s newest release and first proper full-length, On and Off, takes cues from their two previous releases (including drum machines, samples, and a mixture of lo-fi, home-recorded takes with full-band studio recordings) while introducing a heavier, poppier sound. On and Off takes each aspect of the 13 Necklace sound to the extreme – there’s a new focus on traditional rock song structures and earworm choruses, but at the same time Danny’s trademark addition of unusual sounds bordering on sound collage/ambient music continues to shine through.

Danny has participated in a wide variety of bands in diverse scenes and genres including Great Plains (an indie rock band based in Hudson Valley, NY), Vanitas (a black metal band Danny fronted while at college in Oberlin, OH), and Quedada (an Ohio-based screamo project). Danny also co-runs the NYC/Detroit-based non-profit/mutual aid tape label, Metaphorest. Today, the 13 Necklace live lineup consists of Danny Evans on guitar and vocals, Milo Sussman on bass, and Danny Caro on drums.

Evans leans more toward slacker rock in the lineage of Alex G, only taken to a hazier, gazier place.

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