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Chase Potter Carves His Own Path On Expressive New LP

Chase Potter started his music career just shy of five years old on the violin. It had a profound effect on him at an early age, facilitating his inherent musicality into something tangible. Just after a year of study, he began performing publicly, and it wasn’t long after when he began absorbing other instruments. The drums came first, then guitar; the saxophone family followed. He took on the bass in his teenage years, followed by the mandolin. While violin remained his sharpest tool, he showed an exceptional ability to assimilate any instrument he could get his hands on. As a high school student in West Jefferson, Ohio, Potter’s musical prowess would allow him to travel the world through the prestigious Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra, touring across Peru with Wynton Marsalis sideman Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson. Subsequently, the culmination of his prodigal talent and professionalism beyond his years would lead to a distinction unlike any other: a full ride to the Berklee College of Music

Potter migrated to Boston in 2011 and began a major in Violin Performance. It was during these collegiate years where he would earn some of his first major career accomplishments, including select performances with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Lalah Hathaway and critically acclaimed Scottish indie rock band Belle & Sebastian. Potter’s contributions were not restricted to any one genre and encompassed high calibur artists from all walks of the sonic spectrum, such as guitar phenom Julian Lage and mandolin virtuoso Mike Marshall. Needless to say, he completed his degree with distinction. 

Upon relocating to New York City in 2016, Potter dove head first into the city’s vibrant music scene as a multi-instrumentalist. His musical opportunities were ample and distinguished—perhaps most notably as a featured violin soloist with Wynton Marsalis at the Lincoln Center—but New York proved prosperous in other ways. He found himself in front of the camera on several major occasions, performing violin on The Tonight Show with Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello for their joint hit “Bad Things,” as well as a fictional guitar player on the season finale of HBO’s The Deuce. In 2020, he also performed with actress and singer-songwriter Sofia Carson of Disney Channel fame.  

In tandem with his sterling resume as a sideman, Potter has created original music for the majority of his music career. Performing as a solo act or with a full band on occasion, his original music encompasses a progressive musicality within accessible songs that resonate with fans of power pop, indie rock and experimental music. His latest album, the apocalyptic “Hitchhike To Oblivion“, examines the turpitude of our society, employing a nostalgic songwriting palette found in the rich Americana of artists like Harry Nilsson, John Lennon and Randy Newman. Additionally, he contributed in the writing and production of Chameleon Culture’s debut album The Universe Is A New Year’s Day Parade on violin, guitar and vocals, as well as contributing to projects from Cale Hawkins, Louis Futon, Duckwrth, Granny 4 Barrel, Sammy Rae & The Friends, Aubrey Haddard, Miss Grit, Russell Jamie Johnson, Caleb Hawley and Brasstracks.  

Chase Potter’s mission has always remained simple and steadfast: be true and vigilant through the power of music. 

Chase endorses and plays NS electric violins.

“Nothing gets in the way, and everything blends together so well. It’s just good writing.”

Big Takeover

“Judging by Potter’s track record, it seems that talent and authenticity go a long way towards success in an often unforgiving industry.”


“Giving all you have to life can be weary and tiring when sometimes there is nothing giving back to you – and for Potter, he draws out vulnerability in “How” with a message that so many of us can relate to.”

VENTS Magazine

“The sweet country-tinged sound welcomes listeners in with a relaxing tone. Couple that with the easy going vocal delivery of Chase Potter and we are all taken to a warm cozy place to sit back and enjoy.”


“These timeless tracks balance earthy earnestness and musical nostalgia against stylish craftsmanship and understated beauty.”


“Where Chase excels is taking that sound and making it his own in such a way that you know its him from that initial listen.”


“With excellent songwriting at its core, a beautiful vocal performance from Potter and – not to mention – epic instrumentation, this is one to play on repeat.”

Curious For Music