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Ciarra Fragale is an indie pop singer/songwriter, producer, and actor from NY’s Hudson Valley. By blending the nostalgic traditions of songwriting with unique new-wave sensibilities, she creates a refreshing sound all her own. In addition to making her own music, Ciarra has also composed many works for theater and film.

In 2017, Ciarra released her first full-length “Seasons,” written and recorded entirely in her home. It was during this recording process that she started to experiment with different sounds and textures, igniting her love for production. After two more years of touring and recording, Ciarra followed up “Seasons” with her second full-length “Call It What You Will” in 2019. Shedding the nu-folk sound for more of an Indie/alt pop direction, “Call It What You Will” was an ambitious project that artfully portrayed Ciarra’s growth as an artist. Produced by Fragale, the album was recorded at Nashphone Recording, a studio owned and operated by engineer Jesse Bolduc (of the band Candy Ambulance ).

Fragale’s newest self-titled LP is her best, most cohesive work to date. Ranging from Motown inspired heartbreak pop to modern and cerebral indie rock, Ciarra creates a distinct sonic world that allows her to display what makes her artistry so special. Pounding keys, angular guitars, and steady driving beats grace these buoyant and emotive tracks, with Ciarra’s one of a kind vocals gliding in and out of smooth and sweet harmonies showcasing her masterful musicianship and songwriting prowess. She currently resides in Western MA, and can most likely be found at the top of mountains or at your local thrift store.

“It’s a more confident work than her previous releases, showing off an impressively elastic range to her songwriting and soul-baring honesty to her performances.

Under The Radar

Sounding like a heady combination of Weyes Blood, Linda Ronstadt, and Gossip, Fragale’s sweet croon hovers over a pulsing bassline evoking the feeling of a long-ago summer ride in the “way back” of an old station wagon, eating popsicles with the back window cracked open.

Post Punk

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Ciarra Fragale stamps out the last of her heart’s coal-stoked flame with her song ‘Too Good (For You, Baby)’…


While “Lose My Cool” has a section tagged “instrumental freak out,” it excites not through deployment of effects pedals but through Fragale’s knack for uncovering the feelings hidden within feelings.

Beats Per Minute

Indie singer-songwriter Ciarra Fragale is a great example of an artist with a wide range of experiences, talents and influences.

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