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Led by choice horn melodies built on boisterous grooves, and launching off of hypnotic dance rhythms, Drop Party is a genre-bending American 7-piece band seamlessly carved out of the coastal Connecticut post ska scene, endowed with new age funk, apt to get the crowd moving. 

Formally created in 2018, lifelong friends Anthony Chabla (percussion), Ryan Furbush (alto sax), Jake Krasniewicz (bass and vocals), Dan Raccuia (trumpet), Jacob Raccuia (tenor sax), Zach Rader (drums), and Jeff Wickun (guitar and vocals) bring a lush culmination of talent and sound to Drop Party.

Their newest release “What Can I Say” combines the power of their live chemistry with great songwriting and craft. The better elements of modern groove greats Ripe and Vulfpeck come to the fore with intricate horn lines weaving through a seamless and unrelenting rhythm section. This is genre-less without out being unfocused, there truly is a little bit of something for everyone in Drop Party’s sound. Whether it’s the more blues guitar elements or the Motown style bass breaks, Drop Party show they’ve got staying power on musicianship alone.

Drop Party members first started playing together in the fall of 2005 when their shared musical interests resulted in the formation of ska band Knightsbridge Fiasco, and they developed a tight bond that is seen and felt in their music now. Following high school the band took a hiatus for a few years, but eventually all members found their way back to the loyal and local Connecticut scene with newfound intensity, focus, and drive. Drop Party’s primary collaborators, Jake Krasniewicz and Jacob Raccuia bring atypical elements of composition, arrangement, and creativity to the band’s sound, while the swagger and mantra for each song is derived from the contributions of the entire group. 

This septet truly comes to life in their live performances – incorporating themed shows ripe with hidden Easter eggs, and scattered with seamless transitions and engaging moments. Having cut their teeth at The Acoustic and The Warehouse in Fairfield, CT, and several other select legendary local spots, Drop Party was forged right out of early 2000’s show bills that were all ages, no alcohol, and a less than functional sound system. At their shows, they have found a way to fuse and channel the energy in Ska, stank of Funk, and sophistication of Jazz into something far more palatable. 

In other aspects of their lives, members enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including video games, attending concerts, foraging for mushrooms, glass blowing, and much more. Their first record. Lean Into The Wave, is a concept album that paints tapestries of imagination and fantasy, based on the adventures of the protagonist James. Drop Party’s forthcoming record Live at Carriage House is split with some songs rooted in realism while others continue the story from their first album. The band aims to release songs every month leading up to this anticipated release.

For Fans Of: The Cat Empire, Ripe, Phish, Lettuce

‘What Can I Say’ packs an upbeat punch that brings to mind contemporary jazz-funk engineers Vulfpeck and Snarky Puppy.

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