Artist Resume


Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Early Bird moved to the east side of Buffalo, NY at the age of two. He started his music career in 2016 doing lead vocals for a metal band called “Mansutra”. Shifting genres into rap as a solo artist, Early Bird got his name from his best friend who would endearingly greet him with “Mornin’ Early Bird” when waking up in the afternoon after a wild night out. Coincidentally, his music speaks on this among other things such as relationships, his goals and aspirations, and prevalent global issues.  

Taking influence from various genres including hip hop, rap, R&B, and metal, Early Bird eventually released his first single “Racks” in September of 2019. When he’s not working on his master’s degree, or locked in the studio, you can find Early Bird on a flight somewhere new for his next music video shoot or hanging out with his friends at the best local Buffalo spots. Early Bird has a large, tight knit, local following and loves including both fans and friends in his videos. He recently released his EP “I Am” on August 20, which represents the creative progress he continues to make.

Early Bird has opened for notable national artists like Aaron Carter, Riff Raff, and Wifisfuneral. Early Bird’s upcoming releases are “Drip” which comes out on July 9th and “A Lot” which comes out on July 22, with the video coming out on July 29. His upcoming shows are July 31st at venu with Concert Crave and August 3rd in Brooklyn, NY opening for Madchild. He is looking to release an EP this fall.

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