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Rooted in Cincinnati, OH, Eric Wurzelbacher is an unexpected musician out of the midwest. Described by the Jazz Journal UK as a “foot- tapping mix of hard-bop impro and rock”, Eric has worked tirelessly for years to authentically combine the conciseness of rock and the freedom of jazz.

Eric’s fourth album to be released, “Idle Minds”, is a pandemic- inspired album that breaches new genreless territory. This album was created over the past two years as an ode to many solitary contemplations and realizations that many experienced throughout this unprecedented time. This project is the truest and most grounded version of Eric’s influences and life experiences to date, with soaring melodies on the saxophone that could be heard on a Soundgarden album, to quirky, intricate interactions between the other band members that resemble the sonic landscapes of a small jazz ensemble, such as The Bad Plus.

Eric started making his national mark after playing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2019. After touring and creating music for years completely self-driven, Eric is excited to join the ‘Golden Mean Studios’ record label with the release of the new album and begin to spread his music to further, uncharted territory.

If you’re a jazz fan and looking for something that straddles the line between old school and new school, definitely check out Idle Minds.

Big Takeover

Wurzelbacher’s unforgettable melodic explorations on the saxophone make the track.”

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine