Artist Resume


Rooted in Waynesboro, PA, Ethan Larsh’s music is an amalgamation of classic and contemporary influences, some parts Lennon/McCartney, other parts Wilco and White Stripes, and then even Flaming Lips – Larsh tales all these components and makes them something uniquely his own. His band includes thunderous drumming by Tim Weller, and rolling bass lines by Sam Silbert.

The Emperor, Larsh’s upcoming second album, was inspired after listening to Wilco’s Summerteeth on repeat, due to it being the only cd in the car during a two week tour. Wanting to write something as powerful as “A Shot in the Arm”, Larsh began writing grandiose rock tunes, with the grit of a young Jack White, and the melodic sense of his hero, Harry Nilsson.

Larsh released Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts, an ode to 70s power pop, in 2017, and has since released EP’s Dreams (under Eve Larsh) in 2019, and Drug Ballads in 2020. His sophomore full-length album, The Emperor, will be released in Nov 2021.

Whether it’s sweeping delay strokes at the ends of vocal lines or the deep and dark fuzzed out guitar bridge, Larsh understands something pretty simple in 2021: that rock probably needs a good kick in the ass.

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