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Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Asheville-based singer-songwriter Frances Eliza blends her love of songwriting with her passion for jazz, indie-folk, and pop music. Her jarring, unexpected lyrics and intricate melodies delve into the challenges of human relationships from the perspective of an independent-minded young woman and musician. Frances plays with producers and multi-instrumentalists Cole Covington (vocals, guitar, bass) and Daniel Harris (drums). Tristan Ferner (keyboard) and AJ Huang (saxophone) are also featured in Frances’ new album. 

Frances’ bittersweet music and raw vocal timbre first came to life in her debut EP “Sleepwalking,” released in late 2019. Since Fall 2020, she has been recording new material with Covington and Harris. Frances’ new single “Selkirk” explores the grief of losing the simplicity and innocence of childhood. Her new album infuses jazz elements and unique melodies into the raw imagery of human connection, hope, and loss.

“My album integrates my passion for jazz, indie-folk, and pop music with my love of storytelling. In my album, I play with producers and multi-instrumentalists Cole Covington (vocals, guitar, bass) and Daniel Harris (drums). Tristan Ferner (keyboard), AJ Huang (saxophone), and Matt Laird (strings) are also featured in my new album. I have fortunately still been able to record all of my songs for the album amidst the COVID pandemic, and the intimacy of recording during this time with my good friends and bandmates has made the experience very special to me. Working with Covington has really changed the perception I had of what I thought my sound could be. I like to use my own music to write about the seemingly small yet pivotal personal experiences that I’ve had, with the hope that listeners can potentially find comfort in my music and writing. Many of my songs address the emotional abuse that the women in my life and I have experienced. As I’ve matured, I’ve definitely grown to see myself and other people in new lights, a theme which runs through my new material. I use songwriting as my own form of healing and I look forward to listeners being able to connect and find comfort in the stories I tell in my new album.

Frances draws inspiration from artists such as Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Alice Phoebe Lou. Since Frances was 13, she has been featured at numerous fundraisers and rallies and has toured across NC and SC. She has played at venues like Local 506 (Chapel Hill) and The Pour House Music Hall (Raleigh). As venues continue to open up again, Frances will be playing more live shows with her band to showcase her new music.

“’Selkirk’ is a pensive yet comforting track.”

Music Mecca

“’Daughter’ (…) showcases her evolution into more orchestral and vibrant arrangements to elevate her haunting vocals and striking jazz-infused musicality.”

Dusty Organ

“With deep concepts and serious lyrics, ‘Intertwined’ creates a fusion between light and dark. The song’s light pop melodies offer a stark contrast between the raw lyrical content.”

Beyond The Stage

“Frances Eliza’s second EP, No Longer Mine is a deeply personal collection of songs that blends folk, jazz, and indie influences into something distinct and unique.”