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Hailing from the humble city of Rockford, IL, Half Catholic is a 4-piece indie pop group with an affinity for the classics and an appreciation for the contemporary. Singer/guitarist John Tallman and drummer Jacob Verble formed the band in early 2020 before adding bassist Daniel Edmunds and lead guitarist Hayden Sweet to complete the lineup.

After writing and recording dozens of demos and fine-tuning their sound, the group released their first single and music video in the spring of 2021. “Slow Down” is a modern doo-wop romp featuring walls of guitars and bittersweet backing vocals, sometimes veering towards the psychedelic. Their next single, “What’s Good Is Gone,” released in the fall of 2021, is a sentimental and straightforward power-pop tune that examines the heartache of a friendship that has fallen out.

Half Catholic has been actively performing at outdoor events, DIY spaces and dive bars in the midwest since the summer of 2021, with plans to continue indefinitely. New songs are always in the works, with the goal of a full-length album release next year. Until then, the group will be releasing their singles and music videos and playing at a venue near you.

“What’s Good Is Gone” is pure power pop songwriting at its finest.

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