Artist Resume


Heart Shaped Lakes is a rock band from Belchertown, Massachusetts, previously known as GoldFlame. With Jackson Donovan on vocals and guitar, Tom Fisher on guitar, Dylan “Dino” Segatore on bass, and Jon Christina on drums, the band prepares to release their first official release. The release in question is a double EP by the name of Good Grief: A Violent Dream & The Scenic Route. The record has been described as an emotional outburst in two acts, one focused on a darker sound, and the other bringing out more catchy pop punk hooks. After this release, the band plans on finally unveiling their long awaited debut full length under the Heart Shaped Lakes name in the fall of 2022, which will be engineered by Zack Fiske (Never Coming Home, Twin Brook), and mixed by Koby Nelson (Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, Tonight Alive).

It’s clear that the rock scene is as resurgent as ever, and there’s a band based out of Belchertown, Massachusetts who are flying the flag to say the least. Heart Shaped Lakes have quickly arrived on the scene and don’t intend to go anywhere, with their storming debut in 2021 already gaining a lot of attention, they quickly followed that up with a debut self titled EP to high acclaim.