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Heartstring Stereo

Heartstring Stereo is an independent alternative rock band hailing from the rural outskirts surrounding Columbus, Ohio. Building off the alternative and classic rock influences of their youth, their sound brings further drama to these genres with the incorporation of a cello and two lead singers.

In September of 2021, the group will begin releasing a monthly string of new singles inspired by tumultuous times lived out over the prior year and a half. Produced by Keith Hanlon, the first single of this collection will be released on 9/3/2021. A retrospective on social dysfunction coupled with a call to hope, this series of songs speaks to the soul of the current moment and calls out to the future.

The band was formed in 2017, and consists of Erik Anderson, Christina Cash, Dane Marsack, Charlie Orwig, Matt Hawkins, and Jeremy Cottam. With the addition of Cash’s vocals in 2021, the group’s lineup is stronger than ever.

The group’s debut album “Remember in Color” was released in March of 2020, and was recorded at Musicol Recording Studio. The record speaks to the heroic and tragic realities of individual experience, tackling a wide variety of themes and sounds along the way.

A product of the ever-flourishing central Ohio music scene, Heartstring Stereo’s momentum is all but slow-moving.

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