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House Tours Release Blistering Homage to Indie Punk on New EP “All Of This Happened, More Or Less”

House Tours, 2021

The five members of House Tours (Toledo, OH) have collaborated at many stages and in many iterations of the Toledo, OH emo, indie, and punk family trees over the past twenty years. Featuring members of Toledo punk giants Shitty Neighbors, Toledo indie-folk mainstays The Miracle Vitamins, and Toledo-based but nationally known curator and label Little Elephant, House Tours has that “veteran” feel of artists with multiple genres and recordings behind them. Often described as a “band’s band”, House Tours’ technical approach to its emotional mathy-punk music often contrasts nicely with simple hooks and sometimes jarring but thoughtful lyrics.

House Tours’ next release,  “All of this Happened, More or Less” (due out in October 2021) is packaged as the A-side on its upcoming LP. The three songs touch a bit of emo, indie pop, hardcore, and punk, driven primarily by fast technical guitar work over often complex rhythms and a catchy vocal.  Featured on the B-side is the band’s 2017 EP release, “This Whole Thing is a Lie”.
House Tours has been a mainstay in Toledo, Ohio as local support for touring indie, emo, and punk artists. They are proud to continue this role as the members keep up with their decades-long cultural contributions to their hometown of Toledo.

“All of This Happened, More or Less” was a COVID recording project, though some of the songs were in the works as early as 2018. House Tours is a band of true friends found over many, many years of performing in the Toledo music scene. These are our best three songs to date, and we’re proud to package them as a full length LP with our 2017 release “This Whole Thing is a Lie” as the B side.

HouseTours get it. This band has poured out their collective heart on these recordings – the passion is audible in every note.