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Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia, singer-songwriter-guitarist J. Hatfield blends folk and country songwriting with alt-rock guitars and a dash of post-rock textures. J. Hatfield draws on influences ranging from Turnpike Troubadours and Horse Feathers to Pearl Jam and Slowdive. With a core band consisting of Travis Egnor on pedal steel and guitar, Tim Dorsey on bass, and Justin Puett on keys, J. Hatfield uses lyrical storytelling and musical dynamics to engross listeners in the tales of various characters.


J. Hatfield’s debut self titled EP brings together conventional balladry with dynamic walls of sound. Fingerpicked acoustics and lush string sections, courtesy of Evan Olds’s bowed bass and Alasha Al-Qudwha’s violin, share sonic space with subtle synths and dirty, reverb heavy electrics. The album is rounded out by the tag-team drumming of Travis Oliver and Erik Miller, showcasing their individual talents while still serving the needs of the songs. Greg McGowan at Rose City Recording Co produced the album tastefully by weaving a common thread through the collection.

“For years I had always been the lead guitarist in various bands or recording sessions. When the pandemic hit and all the gigs and sessions dried up I had already been working with Greg McGowan at Rose City Recording on an earlier project. So we decided to keep working and I pulled out five songs I had written but never saw the light of day. The longer the project went the more legitimate it became by adding some of the best players in the area.”

During the last 10 years, J. Hatfield has manned the guitar on stage and in the studio with various bands and artists in West Virginia and Virginia, currently including indie folk band The Parachute Brigade and the alt-rock band Miles Deep. J. Hatfield, with a backing of talented musicians, looks forward to bringing the sounds captured on the album to stages around the country.

“From the outset of this song, it’s clear that Hatfield knows the tradition he carries on through his music. And it’s a delightful sonic palette upon which Hatfield weaves a sorrowful, violent tale of revenge.”

Glide Magazine

“Chockfull of lush and heartfelt tracks, Hatfield pushes the rural area’s root rock vibe with lyrics delving into love, loss, and drama.  The self-titled album soars from start to finish, giving listeners a true look at an artist that is scratching the surface of what’s to come.”

Ghettoblaster Magazine