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Justin Payne Chronicles The Beauty And Decay At The Heart of American Culture On “Season Of Loss”

A talented guitarist and impressive vocalist, with a  powerful voice, Justin Payne is a difficult act to ignore. Justin is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been entertaining crowds across the United States since 2014. In that time, he has brought his music to audiences in NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, SLC, as well as numerous other markets nationwide. Whether performing with Justin Payne & Co., or by himself, Justin is able to take command of a room and maintain it all night long.

Justin’s brand of indie/alternative finds its inspiration in acts such as Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Guided by Voices, and Harry Nilsson. His sound invokes infectious melodies merged with penetrating vocals and woven to a modern pop sensibility, captivating the listener with its stark sense of lyrical honesty and attention to songcraft.

Since July 2019, Justin has directed his efforts towards his most recent record, Season of Loss, with Justin Payne & Company. Season of Loss captures the fearlessness and passion of Justin’s performances with a collection of rich and thoughtful songs able to move a person, both with their mercurial musicality and their emotional content. Undoubtedly his most mature work yet, Season of Loss offers a sound forged by the tumultuous experiences of difficult times channeled through Payne’s unique lens and performed by his band of talented sidemen. Occasionally cynical, and often hopelessly optimistic, the album is at all times refreshingly insightful. Justin has cited this record as his proudest professional achievement, and is eager to share it with the world.

“This is my humble offering of my perspective as an artist, trying to weather these trying times. It’s hard to find a place to fit, when the gigs dry up, and all that’s left is the songs, some instruments, and a lot of time to stare at your faults and weaknesses, your deepest hopes and dreams. Quarantine brought this to bear, and together, me and the band found a way to tunnel through toward better times.”

“Embracing more of a Neil Young, Bottle Rockets-type sound—as opposed to Zappa’s signature quasi-psych-doo-wop—Payne’s observations on his new tune, “Sorry to Say,” are just as biting and resonant as Zappa’s were all those years ago.”

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Listen to it all the way through and feel the cathartic release of your own struggles along with his.

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