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Laura Fisher is a New Orleans-based alternative pop artist. Her stylistic range is wide: from electronic to shoegaze, to dream pop and art rock; she also has a strong neoclassical root from a childhood studying under world-renowned Turkish pianist Meral Guneyman.

‘Fiction/La Belle Indifference’ is Fisher’s first release on a wider scale — it was released by Strange Daisy Records, both digitally and on 7” vinyl. The tracks were produced by Adam Keil and draw from a number of influences including Warpaint, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, and Broadcast.

I wrote ‘La Belle Indifference’ after time reflecting on a lover and a friend going into psychiatric hospitals with exact overlap one month during my teenage years. The experience was intense and harrowing. Made me question so much of what constitutes and follows experiences of deep depression, suicidal ideation, and extreme action…. where exactly is the line? What makes humans cross it, turn feelings into actions?

I believe the two songs connect through these introspections; how within our own minds we are both healthy and unwell, devastated and emotionally fulfilled. Feeling cared for and supported or not. Feeling wanted and needed or not. The struggle to figure out where we stand and how it shifts never ends.

Fisher previously released an album of short piano songs (APOPHENIA, Feb. 2021) and a retrospective of largely instrumental ambient electronica (Tracing Our Veins in Spherical Time, Mar 2020). Her live band includes members of People Museum and Julie Odell, artists who she can also be found sharing stages with in New Orleans.

Fisher has performed independently all over the world: from an underground bunker for the Sacred and Profane festival off the coast of Portland, ME to an enchanting ski lodge in famed Niseko, Japan; from the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama to Lincoln Center in New York City. She is also the frontwoman for art/math rock band Matron, who has previously opened for the likes of Tera Melos and Speedy Ortiz.

A follow up EP is currently in the works and will serve as the first studio release with her band.

“..a beguiling mix of sensuality and sadness, like all the best trip-hop songs of the mid-90s, from Massive Attack to Portishead to Radiohead’s more electronic-leaning cuts.”


Fisher’s remarkable pedigree seems to only be expanding further.

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