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Little Visits Establishes Break Out Sound On Debut Single ‘Tomorrowtown’

Formed in a small suburb of Detroit, MI, Little Visits is the brainchild of alt-pop anti-hero Noah de Leon. Comfortably blending programmed drum beats and sparkling synths with skillful guitar riffs and his smooth, saccharine vocals, de Leon is not afraid of wearing a broad array of influences on his sleeve – even if it means paving a fresh, unfamiliar road for listeners. His leading efforts are supported by various collaborators & band members from the Detroit area, giving a full-fledged, technicolor live interpretation to his sleekly-produced studio cuts.

The debut single ‘Tomorrowtown‘ explores the conflicting excitement of young love that feels as familiar as it does nerve-racking & unexpected – not unlike the song’s multicolored instrumental landscape, which marries soft-strumming guitar layers reminiscent of ‘Bends’-era Radiohead and a driving electro-pop-rock backbeat. ‘Tomorrowtown‘ is the first of multiple singles to be released this year under the Little Visits moniker.

“‘Tomorrowtown’ feels like an entire year of writing – it originally came from a guitar line and hook I wrote right before new year’s day leading into 2020. I was feeling hopeful about my future, both in terms of music and a newly-budding relationship I was in at the time. However, throughout the course of the next 6 months, my world started to crumble from the inside out – first in my ability to go out on the road to perform, and shortly after in being able to keep someone special close to me as the world outside pulled us apart. The lyrics of the song spilled out of me in almost real-time. The first verse was inspired by that blind, unstoppable hope you feel at the beginning of something exciting – and I think the music reflects that a lot. The choruses/latter verse take on this darker, anxious tone of your self-consciousness when you can’t help but watch things fall apart in front of you.

Noah first found his footing in songwriting during his teenage years in the emo-rock outfit Gone By Sunset, who went on to amass a dedicated online following, consistently sell out shows in their home state, and enjoy multiple dates on the legendary Vans Warped Tour. This small slice of success found Noah looking for bigger stages and exploring new genres, hopping around as a musician-for-hire for the next few years to Michigan greats such as Jax Anderson (Neon Gold Records), Shortly (Triple Crown Records), and Leland Blue. Little Visits serves as the primary creative project for Noah, formed over a decade in studios and on the road, and a lifetime love for a perfect pop song.

“There’s certainly always a place for thoughtful pop songs in the world, and Little Visits is primed to take the lead on giving life to these types of tracks.”

Tuned Up

“A powerful pop number that radiates a Gen-Z aesthetic, the track will also resonate with fans of INXS and early Radiohead.”