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After years of living the life as a self professed “rolling stone”, Logan Pilcher: indie-folk artist, has found himself a home base in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Logan’s sound has been described as pure and organic. A love for acoustic guitar and 60-70s folk music has been a cornerstone in the inspiration of Logan Pilcher’s previous discography. But a new sound was conceived in the loneliness of the COVID 19 pandemic. Without the outlet of live shows, Logan felt he needed to progress in an alternative aspect. Within the confines of his bedroom, he began to discover himself as a producer of a larger sound. Leaning on more instrumentation and a modern edge, Logan began to piece together his debut, full length album titled “Most Days (I’m trapped in my bedroom dreaming of a world I don’t know)”.

This 10 track album comes in at a modest 33 minutes and does not waste a second of it. The songs are smooth and yet dynamic full of synth and acoustic texture. There is a melancholy yet hopeful message weaved into this record. The opening track “After October” is the perfect exemplification of Logan’s simple yet powerful lyrical style. The bridge lyrics unapologetically confront the darker truth of his mental state. “I don’t wanna be blue. I don’t wanna be lonely, but who am I kidding? I’m all of these things… but who else could I be?”

“2020 forced a lot of us to slow down. I was moving so fast playing shows and writing music that I forgot to examine my own mental health. I had forgotten what I wanted in life and what I was working so hard for. It all came to a head right as the nationwide lockdown hit. I could no longer distract myself with busyness and a lot of the songs from this album were birthed in the bleak reality of knowing I needed to deal with myself or I would never move on.”

The songs “Rivals” and “Other Than War” from Logan’s album take a break from an introspective style of writing and dive head first into the age old question of why humans are so divisive. “Other Than War” straddles the line between lighthearted tongue & cheek and a full fledged political song about the flaws of modern America. Ultimately Logan’s intentions, in this writing, are to encourage people to represent kindness and selflessness rather than the alternative.

The Album is a time capsule of the emotions of a lonely man’s search for love. Logan Pilcher pushes this idea to its extreme. Through this album, Logan pours into the many emotions that are presented during this journey. Each song is a chapter of one tale. “Infinite Sunshine” is the victory of finding love, a high you can’t come down from. Stories like “Youngblood” and “I Just Don’t” show love that cannot be reciprocated. “Sweatervest” is love in a single moment, which is a screenshot of a memory that someone refers to because living in the past is easier than moving on. “Lost in Translation” concludes the album with an acceptance of the coexistence of hopefulness and loneliness.

Logan Pilcher’s album “Most Days (I’m trapped in my bedroom dreaming of a world I don’t know)” is out now on all streaming sites.

“Pilcher shows us a way of hope – maybe misplaced, maybe not. But he fixates on the world he wants to see, not the world that was or even the world that is. Most Days encapsulates all of this in a mid 2010s brand of indie lined with captivating lyrical sentiments.

Tuned Up

The soft folk-pop track, with a sound similar to Novo Amor or The Paper Kites, examines the divisiveness of human beings and is a longing plea for unity and kindness.”

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“…a time capsule of the emotions of a lonely man’s search for love.”