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Nashville’s Patzy Proves Their Star Is On The Rise With Latest Single

Patzy is the culmination of a musical relationship, a chemistry of friends and songwriters that’s been a long time in the making. Meeting at college in Nashville in 2012, Ohioan Patrick Sewalk and Memphis native Logan Todd took their mutual love for indie-rock and ran with it. After various permutations and touring in other groups, opening for the likes of COIN, Deerhunter, and Liza Anne, Patzy formed officially and released their self-produced debut full-length ‘Opus Uno’ in the fall of 2018.

Their newest single ‘Doin’ Alrightis their most accessible and essential yet; written about Sewalk’s nagging doubts and anxieties, big and small, this is an anthem of perspective, of overcoming your problems by keeping your eyes on the bigger picture. Musically ‘Doin’ Alright’ absolutely hits the nail on the head on why Patzy star is on the rise; chorus soaked guitars, bounce style beats, and ear-candy production envelop the listener and let the chorus hook wash over with effortless prowess. Not only do the Patzy boys have an ‘on the cutting edge’ modern and fresh sound, but it’s their top tier songwriting skills that set them apart from their DIY contemporaries.

The duo is a perfect compliment, with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Sewalk laying soft melodies and catchy riffs over drummer Logan Todd’s tight grooves and driving beats. Patzy distills a unique sound, tipping the hat to indie-rock giants The War on Drugs, Tame Impala, and Grizzly Bear while also bringing to the table their interests in jazz, folk, and R&B. Since 2018, Patzy has established itself as a staple of the Nashville music scene. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have continued to hone their skills off the stage in the studio, recording their next release and also producing other Nashville artists. Patzy plans to release of four singles in 2021, the first of which was ‘Doin’ Alright’, demonstrating their one of a kind workman chemistry, and diverse array of style and sound.

“’Doin’ Alright’ benefits from several perspectives and a genre-fused musicality.”

American Songwriter

If ‘Black Bangs’ is anything to go, Patzy have found a winning formula that hits you in all the right places – it captures your attention but also has a brilliant gutsiness that just sounds so damn great.”

The Line of Best Fit

“’Doin’ Alright,’ in true easygoing style strips back Patzy’s sound into the barest essentials, feather-soft melodies from Sewalk running over relaxed percussion and lush production from Todd.”

Under The Radar

“‘Better Offers’ features the chimey, ear-worm guitar riffs and smooth vocals of Patrick Sewalk, along with tight and groovy drums from Logan Todd. This laid back indie-rock anthem’s lyrics cheekily explore feelings of social insecurities, FOMO, and youth culture in Nashville.

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