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Paco Is Desperate Refine Their Redemptive, Bold Sound On New EP “Glow”

Paco Is Desperate! is a four piece independent rock band typically seen as falling under the umbrella of emo, post hardcore, and alternative rock. Stockpiling influences across the genre spectrum from bands like Thursday, Coheed and Cambria, and Taking Back Sunday, the group hails from Toledo, OH, a hometown that has birthed iconic bands like Citizen and Secret Space.

Following a vicious battle with drug addiction, frontman Ashlee Ryan Nunley decided it was time for a change. Having gotten clean, he chose to divert his energy toward creativity instead of self destruction. The band’s lyrics stem from Nunley’s struggles with addiction, depression, and anxiety. Musically their sound is bold, brooding, and unafraid to take risks – earning the band a fanbase that has grown from a few dozen friends to thousands of followers across the world.

After dropping freshman album Unraveled in 2019, the group revamped its lineup and added Handguns singer Taylor Eby as manager. Set out to develop a more mature, cohesive sound, the band tapped Steven Warstler (Secret Space, Mat Kerekes) to produce their upcoming EP, anticipated to be the band’s first major release.

In the next 5 years the band hopes to develop their sound with a focus on standing out, stellar live performances, and building their own legacy amongst their contemporaries and predecessors. Their talent, passion, and hunger has all the potential to make them one of the defining acts of the new era.

“Glow” exists in a dark and dense, emotional headspace, one a listener can get totally enveloped in like they’re on another planet.

New Noise Magazine

The cinematic build and catharsis found on each track keeps listeners hooked throughout the EP.

Rebel Noise

(“Glow”) is a refreshing take on what usually comes from the hard rock genre.

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