Artist Resume


After several years in Tennessee and a brief stop in Florida, Tatro (pronounced Tātro) Gordon’s family finally settled in Texas where he grew up in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and eventually relocated to Austin to be part of the music scene. It was there that he began to evolve his singer/songwriter roots into a sound that he refers to as Bold School.

On his debut release, Tatro combines elements of 80’s music, heartland, 90’s hip-hop, and outlaw country that is all tied together by his fearlessly personal songwriting. The collection of songs is an exploration of pain and acceptance of life’s most difficult times of which Tatro is no stranger. Despite the often heavy subject matter of his music, the compositions keep the music feeling hopeful and playful. The Bold School sound takes advantage of a vast collection of vintage gear in the recording studio while building atop 90’s influenced hip-hop beats.

Tatro Gordon’s self-titled album introduces a big dreamer of authenticity and simple, satisfying songwriting.

Stereo Stickman