Artist Resume


Vanden Dool is the moniker of Ty Vanden Dool, a synth-pop and alternative artist originally from the country and hard rock-dominated community of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and now based in Calgary. His sound combines the classic aesthetics of ‘80s new wave and ‘90s electronica with the ease of shamelessly digital production and the timeless and often deeply personal songwriting qualities more associated with folk and singer-songwriter genres.

With this latest single, “You Will Not Love Me Forever”, Vanden Dool has let his usually synth-centric style take a backseat in favour of putting acoustic instruments in the forefront. Along with the first appearance of upright piano in his music, the song also features a violin played by Lethbridge’s Megan Brown, a.k.a. Makiisma, who also contributes backing vocals. Complementing it is the B-side “Distant Company”, a return to form for Vanden Dool’s usual style, albeit with a less obvious ‘80s lens.

Vanden Dool’s past releases (a self-titled album on which he toured across Canada and an EP titled The View from Here) have made small but meaningful ripples within Canadian indie music, making the charts on various campus radio stations including Earshot’s National Top 10 Electronic charts, along with attracting a healthy amount of positive press from Divide and Conquer, Cups N Cakes and Obscure Sound among others. Though this is a smaller release, he hopes “You Will Not Love Me Forever” continues the momentum.

The result is another hugely potent track that will surely hit the hearts of many…”