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We Speak English Good

We Speak English Good is one of the fastest growing podcasts in the world of independent music scene. Covering slice of life topics ranging from professional, creative, and day to day experiences, host Mike Ep is one of the foremost underground voices in music interviewing, finding the essence of each musician with his unique questions and genuine conversation style. We Speak English Good is both personal and informative, and has featured some of the hardest working musicians in the industry, from Grammy winners to hometown heroes (most notably Ari O’Neal, John Sparrow of Violent Femmes, and Dave Katz of Ekoostik Hookah).

Hosted by Mike Ep, a working musician, husband and father, We Speak English Good is broadcast from Toledo Ohio via Twitch. Mike Ep started We Speak English Good originally as a candid friends chat to cover random and more fun-loving topics. As the show grew to specifically cover music, that original energy continued to grow and is what gives the podcast it’s homey charm, keeping the rhythm of the show light and fast while covering heavy and serious topics at time.

“As the show developed I realized that my experience as a musician and as someone that struggles with mental illness was a factor in a true connection with my guests. A great example of this is when I interviewed bassist Bubby Lewis (Jhene Aiko, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco) I was able to connect right away with our struggles with childhood obesity and how touring is emotionally taxing especially when one must leave their family behind to do so. The conversation was great and super insightful because I have walked, partly, in Bubbies shoes.”

Mike Ep’s voice is unlike any others in the industry, his passion for fellow musicians comes through with each episode, and most importantly his ability to listen and key in on what’s most interesting and important to his guests makes We Speak English Good one of the most engaging music podcasts, and is certainly why they have cracked the Apple Top 100 music podcasts and reached over 1 million downloads.

With hitting 1 million overall downloads, being featured in the top 100 music podcast world wide, and being awarded an artist grant the show is on track to keep moving forward. WSEG has consistently shown growth since its inception and with the way things are the sky’s the limit. I am very proud of what the show has become but more importantly, I am proud of what the show has helped me to become.”

After, growing up in the Midwest, Mike, moved to San Diego California where he lived and performed for over 13 years. While in California he met and fell in love with fellow musician and writing partner, Reina Mystique. After, a needed change of pace, Mike and Family, took to the road by “VanLifing” and performing across America landing back in the Midwest where they currently live and perform. Mike Ep has shared the stage with many great artists in his time, and his resume boasts festival appearances at SXSW, California Roots Festival, and the One Love Music Fest.

Recently the We Speak English Good evolved into a videocast on Twitch, expanding the show to an interactive experience that allows viewers to ask question, participate in games, show off talents in an online open mic, and form a fast passionately growing community. We Speak English Good recently reached 1 million downloads, has been in the Top 100 Music Podcasts worldwide, (including the #29 in Armenia, #49 in Turkey and #30 in Mongolia), and has received a grant from The Toledo Arts Commission. As they continue to receive funding and sponsorships, We Speak English Good is becoming more established as one of the most legitimate underground music podcasts, and is on track to become Mike Ep’s source of living to support his family.

I love what the show has become. Its become a playground for all of my interest ands hobbies.”

When it comes to talking about music, look no further than musician/podcast host Mike Ep.”

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