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Will Murphy Is Ready To Showcase His Generational Talent To The World

Will Murphy is a generational talent with an unparalleled workman like ethos. An accomplished young, virtuoso guitarist with a penchant for melody and soul, Will Murphy is breaking out as a burgeoning songwriter in his own right. His sound can best be described as an Ed Sheeran-style pop icon with the blues edge of Stevie Ray Vaughn, or perhaps even the next John Mayer in the making.

Born and raised in Montreal, Will was first enveloped by music as a teenager and began writing his own humble first offerings shortly after that inspiration bit. It was pop music that especially empowered Murphy to overcome bullying, a common problem that he hopes his listeners who relate can feel connected to.

I discovered music when I was about 14. Through Ed Sheeran I found a safe haven from what I was going through. His songwriting inspired me to get into it myself and the rest is history.”

As Will started branching out from pop music, he fell equally as in love with the blues, which helped to inform and solidify his trademark sound.

I discovered the blues as my uncle taught me scales on the guitar. Through the blues I fell in love with some of the greats, BB King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. My love for pop music and blues met at a crossroad called John Mayer. That was the ultimate game changer. Writing hits while playing guitar solos. My love for hip-hop also tinted my music and peppers my musical identity.”

Through these separate but shared love of genres Murphy has been able to let his musical essence shine through regardless of whatever audience he’s been placed in front of. In the past 3 years alone he has played over 500 shows, and whether at a local bar or opening festival slots for the likes of Cardi B and Snoop Dogg, Will Murphy has won over a multitude of fans from all walks of life. His artist resume already boasts a top 20 spot on local Montreal radio, and a winning spot for the esteemed Young Artists Awards. Simply put, Will Murphy is proving his grassroots appeal and staying power as a story teller and a master musical craftsman.

Murphy’s newest output is the culmination of all his varied influences and experiences into one cohesive, accessible, meaningful sound. Whether it’s the heart on sleeve croon of “Bleeding”, the speed-flow rap over chill guitar of “Perfect Girl”, or the rhythmic and gliding soul-pulse on “Call It Pain”, Will shows he’s comfortable playing anything inspiration compels him to.

“My latest singles predominantly circle around the same subject, the truth about love. Bleeding underlines the heart-breaking truth that sometimes hurting is the easier but dangerous route of love. The songs were written around the same time and were mostly, “pick up the guitar and let it all out” types of songs. The acoustic nature of them depicts the naked truth of break ups. “I wish that I was bleeding” is a metaphor to represent the whole, if it hurts it’s most likely easier.

It’s one thing to be a pop-star fitting into a mold, it’s another to be a true, transcendent musical talent; that’s what Will Murphy brings to the table with every hook, every riff, every lyric. He has a love for the music and a love for the work that it takes to build a career, one that’s promising to be long and fruitful.