Artist Resume


It’s not uncommon for artists to struggle with putting a genre label to their music in this day and age. Now more than ever it seems, artists feel comfortable dipping into various aesthetics and styles, even in a single release. Solo project of Connecticut-based producer Conor Ryan, Woozles, is an exemplary display of what beauty can result from this sort of eclectic approach.

Though the style may change from song to song, two things remain consistent throughout the project’s work – impeccable, emotive, and deeply thoughtful songwriting; and Conor Ryan’s notably deep, resonant, and rich vocals. These characteristics serve the project well; they act as a commonality among the wide ranging execution of genres. Ryan’s smooth, relaxation-inducing voice and poetic, introspective songwriting ability will anchor listeners to Woozles, regardless of whatever sonic realm the project finds itself in.

Since 2015, Conor has released four full-length albums under the Woozles moniker on the labels Z Tapes, Galaxy Train, and Feels So Reel. He was also formerly the touring drummer for the critically acclaimed indie-rock band Boyscott and has played in multiple other bands including Skating, Fairy Godmother, Heart Eyes and Ghost Boy.

…Ryan makes it sound organic and natural, the part where many artists come up short in their attempts to be original and creative.”