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Yes Trespassing

Hailing from the legendary Muscle Shoals, AL, Yes Trespassing is a four-piece rock outfit adding new flavors to the Muscle Shoals sound and blowing minds across the Southeast. Trey Nichols (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Jonathan Mackey (Bass, Vocals), Dylan Johnson (Drums), and Emmett Redding (Guitar, Vocals), make up Yes Trespassing. The band formed in the midst of a pandemic and began arming themselves with material to share and tour with once things opened back up. Yes Trespassing is wasting no time making an impact in their region. Their single, Angelica, premiered on June 10th, 2021, the precursor to their debut EP, “When The Light Is Gone,” which released on July 3rd, 2021. Though they are just beginning to release content, the band has already begun playing shows in various states and cities, where crowds experience what one fan called a “wall of sound.” Yes Trespassing’s sound is heavily influenced by the 90’s and 2000’s rock movements, from alternative to grunge to even some heavier metal bands. Their songs emphasize the intertwining of instantly memorable melodies with thought-provoking lyrics that listeners easily relate to, while also providing a driving rhythm that demands head banging.

Their latest release “Atom Bomb” seems to start with high energy, but is actually a simmering build up to one of the most explosive bridges that Yes Trespassing has delivered on tape. Rhythm section Dylan Johnson and Jonathan Mackey create a driving pulse that leads your ears through every section. The song builds as if Jonathan Mackey and Dylan Johnson are driving the car with two caged beasts in the trunk, (Emmett Redding and Trey Nichols) scratching and begging to be unleashed. Finally at the peak of the ride, the beasts escape and unleash havoc while the car transforms into a two ton missile waiting to impact its target.

The band has only been a band for about a year, and have already played shows in notable venues around the southeast. Including “The Nick Rocks” “Saturn” both of which are in Birmingham, AL. Also playing the Alabama Music Hall of Fame during the W.C. Handy fest in Muscle Shoals, AL. Playing with notable artists such as Carver Commodore, In the Whale, The Burning Peppermints, Gentlemen’s Crow and much more. The band has also been featured in many radio interviews, podcasts, and recently even a magazine called “Flow”. The band is set to be in Austin, Texas for SXSW, and plans to tour even more of the country this year, also to release even more music that is in the works.

Yes Trespassing has taken the angst and energy of the past few years and distilled it down into a dynamic track full of manic urgency.