January 24, 2022

A Matured Perspective with The Hollows

There is no denying that being part of a band is putting yourself in a relationship because it requires time, dedication, and communication. The latter being something The Hollows say is part of the reason they’ve been able to make things work so long. That and “realizing that everything ends up being negotiable to some degree.”

They also noted, “We’ve renewed ourselves numerous times over, for various commitments— whether it’s touring, recording albums, or writing new material. Nothing lasts forever though, which is just the way things are. We’ve already had a longer run than The Beatles, so we’re doing okay, even though we’ve had some roster changes over the years as well.”

With that in mind, we kick this one off with a question about food, get into growth, and unravel some goals in this back and forth exchange.

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