December 14, 2022

‘After the Show’ by The Upsides | Premiere

The group consists of brothers Matt Fullam (guitars and vocals) and his brother Dan (drums) with longtime friends Matt DaSilva (bass) and Hart Mechlin (guitar). Sonically, the group blends the energetic, guitar-driven work of the Strokes with early ‘70s Heartbreakers guitar tones. Drums and bass incorporate uptempo, danceable grooves that are reminiscent of the early aughts rock revival in the group’s home city, while Matt Fullam’s vocals center the music in both the live and studio settings. He effortlessly flips from a croon to a falsetto to match the band behind him, bringing life to downtempo grooves à la The Rolling Stones’ ‘Angie’ or electrifying the audience while the band provides overdriven, Queens-of-the-Stone Age-esque tenacity.

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