March 23, 2021

Ancient Soul; An Interview With Brother Hill

Transitioning time in Dayton and Athens, Ohio, Brett Hill has allowed himself to take in all the legendary artists that have cemented the rich, Americana sound that Appalachian rock music has become today. Hill has released the stunning album under his moniker Brother Hill titled Blackfish, Imparting a baritone voice and a modern indie flair to his music. The album opener “Hrolf Is Rollo Now” is a hollow, jangly, guitar-driven freight train track that builds into a crashing opus. “Mikolai” creates the backdrop of a group of singers banding together and singing the classic tunes by a fire. One of the stronger tracks, “All I Wanna Do,” implements the finger-picking, booming country-influence that is vintage Appalachia folk. Starting precisely where The Dereliction of Brother Hill (2019) left off, Blackfish is a continuation of the unfolding Hiddensee Saga, which Brother Hill has been conducting since 2017 through his publishing arm Hiddensee Publishing Ltd. Now on part 5, the Hiddensee Saga has been growing over the course of three Brother Hill releases and the two 2020 releases by Hill Spirits.

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