May 17, 2021

Angst & Joy Sublimely Combine: An Interview With Buckets

Buckets are a garage-punk four-piece from Los Angeles who make tried ‘n’ true indie rock fun and relatable. Their debut self-titled LP, which got held up by COVID, arrived on April 23rd and it was worth the wait.

The LP’s songs are angsty, guitar-driven mini-anthems longing to be heard in packed basements and at backyard BBQs, hopefully later this summer and fall.

There’s a lively energy that’s not always easy to capture on record that makes Buckets’ debut full length so exciting, whether it’s the vibrant guitar tones, gang vocal chants (like at the end of “Punish Me”), or stomping rock drum beats. Buckets are clearly passionate about their music and who are poised to break out at any moment.

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