July 19, 2021

Boston, MA singer-songwriter and producer Noah Whiteside releases energetic single ‘Seven Seas’

Having always been a part of the music industry, Noah Whiteside is destined to sit at the top of your playlist. Initially finding his feet in the Boston punk scene, he eventually shifted his focus to creating electronic music. Following in the footsteps of the previous release ‘Pieces of You’, Noah showcases an extremely different side to his usual attire yet still pays odes somewhat to his roots. Bathed in energetic bass lines, bubbling synthesisers and vintage drum machines, the release certainly turned heads.

Back with, arguably, his strongest track to date, ‘Seven Seas‘ is taken from a forthcoming album. Packed with a melancholic-pop punch with hints of trip-hop and pop throughout, this prominently indie number is laced with pure charisma. Equipped with personality-driven vocals and distinctive production, this seriously is a must-listen.

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