November 28, 2023

Buckets | Interview | New EP, ‘Good Luck Bad Dog’

It feels like in the last few years with everything going on, recategorizing oneself has been an overarching theme for most people, for better or worse. This has especially rang true with folks entering and exiting their 20s, a time often filled to the brim with an overwhelming myriad of new opportunities and paths to explore, now withered with the global pandemic. Themes bursting forth from feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, introspection, and more categorize most art in these last few years. However, while the global situations may change, the emotions around them are nothing new to the human experience; our perspectives are just continuing to shift as we grow older, face new challenges, and try to figure out this thing called life. This vibe carries on as rock outfit Buckets has worked on themselves and put out a fresh EP of personal tunes called ‘Good Luck Bad Dog’.

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