April 5, 2021

Daily Discovery: Patzy Learn To Deal With Anxiety On “Doin’ Alright”

There’s a dryness to their lyrics, funneling in a self-deprecating humor with a more straight-laced outline. “I think this song is pretty funny; there’s a weird sort of dry humor I try to bring out through the lyrics,” says Sewalk. “It’s fun to tie-in subtle jokes and contrast them with some of the more sad sentiments in the song. It’s not so common to find someone singing about and expressing their vulnerabilities. What I hope for listeners to take away from this song is that despite the facades or images everybody uses to present themselves, we’re all in the same boat, in that we all deal with our own doubts, insecurities, and anxieties, which at times can feel crippling. We don’t normally present these on the surface, but no one is alone in feeling these things.”

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