June 13, 2022

In Conversation with Sad Cops

Sad Cops, recently known for their alternative-emo indie records, have welcomed 2022 with a rebranded debut single “All Good Things”. Sounding much different than their previous works, this new single approaches a new hyper-pop sound, where lead singer Grayson Harris finds his hand at producing with an inspiration from well-known producer Sophie at mind. Sad Cops have an interesting work environment as they do most of their songwriting over Zoom sessions as the members are spread across different cities in the United States. The band tells Unpublished that listeners should expect more single drops in the next few months as well as hopes to get back on the road. As they keep the same band name from their older works, Sad Cops finds that 90’s radio sound using impressive drum beats mirroring the likes of Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy.

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