May 16, 2022

In Conversation with Silver Liz: How “Unlikely Girl” Exposes the Vulnerability of Musicianship

Silver Liz is the musical collaboration of Carrie and Matt Wagner, married in 2015 who originally met in a music practice room at their college in 2011 as freshmen. As Carrie’s lush vocals collide with Matt’s impressive production techniques, they leave audiences in a shoegaze, dreampop trance with their first album I Can Feel The Weight in 2017. Silver Liz introduces a new single, “Unlikely Girl”, found on their upcoming sophomore album due early fall. As the song is the first that Carrie had written on her own, the lyrics reflect Carrie’s experiences as a songwriter. Timeless is an excellent word to describe the beautiful and deep melodious 12-string guitar sounds combined with Carrie’s lyrical approach – the style reveals the duo’s love for the likes of Elliot Smith, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. The romantic heat waves of “Unlikely Girl” discover a beat of dream and jangle-pop

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