November 9, 2022

Indie Garage Rocker Joey Joesph Discusses Unique DIY-Inspired Concept Album ‘Do You Bongo?’

Full of psychedelic and cartoon-like inspiration built within a garage rock n’ roll world, Joey Joesph’s latest album, Do You Bongo?, embodies these signature facets of the artist.

A jack of all trades, Joesph is a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and does it with a unique off-kilter flair all his own, offering a sound that seems to blend something of a Talking Heads meets Ty Segall.

The ultra-fun and electric concept album features characters and stories he created, which include the likes of Kimi Cigarette, Lizzy Says, and Dottie that form his backing band Bongo 3. He effortlessly uses the sounds of rock & roll, power pop, and post-punk to tackle darker subjects like losing family members to nefarious groups.

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