May 21, 2021

J Swilla Could Not Make His Needs Clearer Than He Does On Wanted Some Love Pt. 2

J Swilla breaks down a broken relationship in his cathartic and captivating new single and video Wanted Some Love Pt. 2 — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Delivering the young artist’s signature blend of electrified trap and R&B/soul, the darkly potent Wanted Some Love Pt. 2 offers a long-awaited sequel to the 2019 track that jumpstarted his career with hundreds of thousands of streams. Along with establishing his staying power, the track also serves notice that the singer-songwriter born Jake Claxton isn’t resting on his laurels. Instead, he’s further honed his already-considerable production skills to create his finest work yet, presenting a complex, atmospheric mix of dark, brooding energy and youthfully frenetic hype that is quickly becoming his trademark vibe.

J Swilla has been making music since his early teens, when he built the home studio he still uses to this day. As he has worked to develop his artistic and technical abilities, he has attracted more attention within the industry. He was signed by Lionheart Records Inc. for management after releasing Wanted Some Love, which quickly exploded on Soundcloud, gaining him over 240,000 plays. J Swilla’s discography is quickly growing and shows no signs of slowing, especially as the world opens back up post-covid. To coincide with the release of Wanted Some Love Pt. 2, Claxton answered a few questions via email:

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