December 17, 2020

Kill Vargas Sidestep the ‘Mature’ Tag with a Grown Up EP

When Pinkerton came out in 1996, it was widely thought of as a victim of the sophomore curse.  Following their widely-embraced [Blue Album] debut, Pinkerton wasn’t celebrated right away and for many fans and critics alike, it wasn’t until later in retrospect that its brilliance was fully realized and appreciated… and now, it’s hailed as their best.

Wichita, Kansas’ Kill Vargas is at a similar crux. Their new EP “Thank Goodness” takes a step sideways from the sound that put them on the map. Not really abandoning their punkish roots of “I’m Fine” and last year’s killer “What We Don’t Know” but instead putting in their backpocket for safe keeping, Kill Vargas is exploring a different side to their sound… the more textural and melodic side.

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