May 14, 2024

Morgan Cole Brown – Watching Your Friends Get Famous + Q&A

Morgan Cole Brown has released his new EP titled ‘Watching Your Friends Get Famous’. I want you to think back to when you learned how to drive a car, or perhaps ride a bicycle if you have not experienced that privilege yet. How nervous were you when you started? Did you have the support of family or friends nearby as a safety net, or were you completely in the dark, left to fend for yourself? Reflect on those initial feelings of loss of control, of rolling in directions you did not want to head toward. Remember how you awkwardly tapped the pedals, or how many times you fell off the bike before brushing yourself off and rising again. It probably did not take you more than a few days to get the hang of it, but in that time and for a while after, you had to learn and grow while witnessing those around you already excelling. It was especially painful being the “slow one” in the friend group, desperately pedaling to stay in the group or pulling out your navigator to avoid taking another wrong turn after falling behind. “How are they so good at this when I’m still back here?” These relatable feelings of envy, anxiety, and imposter syndrome are showcased in a vulnerable light on this new Morgan Cole Brown release, Watching Your Friends Get Famous.

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