November 21, 2021

Navigating Coming-of-Age Clarity with Courier Club

Banding together in Philadelphia in 2018, Courier Club is a band that always achieves what they are set out to do. All of their songs show off the extremely talented musicians while the lyrics find their way to stick to the listener and let them build the soundtrack to their life one note at a time. Courier Club is the talents of Timothy Waldron (vocals, guitar), Ryan Conway (guitar), Michael Silverglade (bass), and Jack Kessler (drums). As a group, they created a nostalgic post-punk sound with their 2020 EP Drive Like Your Kids Live Here, and now the band drops their newest single “Where Do I Run?” featuring a more romantic sound that was written during unknown and unexpected times. Courier Club dropped their music video for the song, featuring the band’s escapist, on-route mentality, into the countryside. Unpublished sat down with Courier Club to chat all about what “Where Do I Run?” means to them, their on-the-road-like journey of a music video, and how they have become more grounded as a band moving into a new era of music. One of the most beautifully shot music videos I believe I’ve seen in a long time, it follows the bandmates interacting with each other within their brotherly bond while the scenic backdrop features jaw-dropping landscapes of greenery and waterfalls. A scene that makes you feel everything all at once!

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