January 23, 2023

Nick Cove & The Wandering Talk New Track ‘Glass Houses’ Performed Live At The Kaleidoscope

Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Nick Cove & The Wandering are eager to share their revamped style in their new live video single, “Glass Houses (Live at The Kaleidoscope).”

The alt-rock and grunge-inspired rockers consisting of Nick Cove (vocals/guitar), Trevor Kiscadden (drums), Joe Mancinelli (keys/vocals) , and John Decker (bass) have fine-tuned their sound in this latest release. Capitalizing on the components of tension and relief, “Glass Houses” is a snapshot of The Wandering’s transforming sound and an emblem of their new direction. The song closes out their 4-track EP aptly titled, Live at The Kaleidoscope.

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