April 5, 2021

Now You Know To Keep Tor Vik On Your Radar

“Now You Know” draws you in initially with a carefully selected, sparse soundscape of sensory-enveloping sub frequency bass, synthetic kick, and a tranquil and mysterious vocal line that was sampled from an artist, Fousheé via a Splice license that builds into a drop off into momentary silence. Already at 24 seconds in, the song develops into a clean electric guitar suspended in a pulsating reverberation around a dense meshing of bass, driving trap – influenced drum sounds, Synthesized pads, and organically embedded distant samples that linger in the noise floor. The peaks and troughs in energy are a contributing factor to how the arc of “Now You Know” breathes both dynamically and simultaneously provides the basis for seamless introductions, additions, and subtractions of a unique, thick, and varied palette of sounds. 

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