July 14, 2023

PREMIERE | Genna Matthew, “Stereo”

Music can take us back to certain places deep in the catalogue stacks of memories. The feeling of spinning the dial on the radio during a drive and finding an all but forgotten song can bring about full on flashbacks to a time, place, situation, feeling or a fuzzy familiarity that is now estranged to us in the present tense. Those tonal inflections and harmonic frequencies from the AM & FM channels have the potential and potency to make our surroundings melt away as we are brought back to a point in a previous timeline that has otherwise been sequestered to the vaults and dustbins of our consciousness. In an instant it can seem as if we have returned to those sepia filtered moments spent with a former flame, listening to that same song, sharing in a discourse and attachment tied up in the imperfect impermanence of the temporal. Revisiting those places can bring a groundswell of complicated reactions, emotions and perceptions that provide an abrupt diversion to almost everything at hand in the here and now of the contemporary.

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