April 20, 2021

PREMIERE: iEzra Releases New Single “Mr. Imposter”

The results are great; twisting and dancing keys merge with brassy, blistering horns over a fat boom-bap kick. No matter the style, there is always production prowess and songwriting mastery to whatever iEzra touches. iEzra’s voice is on full display here too, whether it’s his smooth and bright, soulful croon, or the second verse half-rap, he paints a bleak picture with a peppy attitude and spirit. For a moment, as you get sucked into the chorus hook and just enjoy the music, you almost forget the wild is in crisis.There’s no denying it, this track has a bit of dark realism to it.. but there is certainly an air of hope to “Mr. Imposter”, an anthemic pop jam who, at the heart of it, is really trying to tell the world that we still have a chance to turn things around. We still have a chance to make things not only acceptable but possibly even better than what came before.

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